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Dynamic Giving Church Stewardship Program

Transform Your Church Through Dynamic Giving


Church Stewardship Program Increases
 General Offering Giving 10-30%
in Just 5 Weeks
(See Our Money Back Guarantee)

We applied your stewardship teaching verbatim in our church and the first year our offerings increased 30%.
We use your program every year and our weekly giving increases about 10% per year.
- Rick Ensrud, Senior Pastor, Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church
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Spiritual and Financial Benefits of Church Stewardship

In addition to the obvious financial benefit, there is a tremendous spiritual benefit to a church stewardship program. As a result of a good biblical church stewardship program, your congregation’s faith will grow because, as they give, they see God keep His promises in their lives in an undeniably concrete way.

These church stewardship materials equip you as the pastor to powerfully teach biblical stewardship and lead your congregation in dynamic biblical giving. This ten-step church stewardship strategy is biblical, positive, simple, inexpensive, easy (no home visits or stewardship committees required), and it is reusable—year after year that you preach and teach church stewardship.

What Could Your Church Do With a 30% Increase in Giving?

The best way to find out is to order our church stewardship materials, risk free.
If my toolkit isn't everything you were expecting, and all the biblical tips and resources don't produce the results you were looking for, just ask for a prompt refund. No reason needed. No questions asked. That's my promise.
- Dr. Rod Rogers

What Makes This Church Stewardship Program Unique? 

What makes this church stewardship program unique is that it is extremely effective while being:


    Based on four expository stewardship sermons.

    Life Transforming

    Brings spiritual renewal to congregations.


    Created and used in the author's own church for years.


    Increases giving in just five weeks.


    Used by over 1,000 churches in 13 countries.

    Easily Implemented

    No time consuming committee meetings or awkward home visits.


    A small one time investment.


    Includes everything you need: sermons, commitment or pledge cards, follow up letters, testimony guidelines, etc.


    Your offerings will increase by at least 10 percent in five weeks or your fee will be fully refunded.


    Use it year after year in this church or others.

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